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Pineapple Sage Adds a Burst of Color to the AVS Winter Garden

February 12, 2016


Alta Vista students are jumping with excitement, because the bright red flowers of our pineapple sage are in bloom!  Children love to have these flowers as a garden snack, because they have sweet nectar that delight their taste buds.


We have two pineapple sage plants in the garden that are both two years old.  Zach R. planted one and Lucy K-T took a cutting of it, propagated it, and planted the other. Both plants are doing very well in the garden and are at least six feet tall.



Pineapple sage has brought us a lot of joy in our garden for many reasons.  The leaves and flowers are edible, it attracts pollinators, and it is beautiful.  In class, we have steeped the leaves to make fresh tea.  Not only do students enjoy the nectar of the flowers, but also many hummingbirds have been spotted poking their long beaks into the flowers.


If you are interested in harvesting leaves for tea or would like to grow a pineapple sage at home, please get in touch with Marissa or Brennan. We are happy to help you harvest leaves and propagate the plant so you can transplant it at home.

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