Room Parents

Room parents form the backbone of the parent community. They support teachers and foster community across the school in a variety of ways. 



Room parents are key liaisons in the parent community, maintaining connections among parents as well as between parents and faculty and administrators. Room parents keep fellow parents informed of what's going on at AVS and are also there to field and direct parent questions and concerns. 

Volunteer Recruitment

Room parents inform fellow parents of opportunities to help in the classroom, on field trips, with school performances, and with special class projects. When your room parents call for assistance, please step up if your schedule allows. 

Class Events

Room parents also coordinate social events for parents and families in each class. If you have an idea for a fun class get-together, let your room parents know.

Staff Appreciation Brunch

Each month, parents from one class or advisory lay out a brunch in the kitchen for faculty and administrative staff to enjoy through the day. This is the main way that parents show how much they appreciate all that staff at AVS do for our kids. Room parents coordinate the potluck for their class and invite staff members.  

We ask that parents refrain from giving any type of monetary gift (e.g. gift cards, money, or store-bought gifts) directly to teachers or staff for holidays, birthdays, or other occasions, although children are more than welcome to give cards or handmade pictures to show their appreciation if they choose to do so. See the staff appreciation page to learn more about Parent Group staff appreciation activities.

If you want to be a room parent or assist your room parents, let us know. The current list of Room Parents is available on the Parent Portal.

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