Parent Communications

AVS Email

All AVS parents have an AVS email address. This is the main way that school administrators and faculty share important announcements and information with families. To make sure that you don't miss messages, forward your AVS email to your regular email account. AVS has official distribution lists to reach parents across the school, at each campus, and within each grade and class. These are intended for official announcements relating to the school and Parent Group. They may not be used to promote commercial interests or for personal announcements or queries. If you do need to use one of these lists for an official announcement, please put the address in the bcc field to ensure that replies go only to you and not the entire list.

AVS Calendar

School and Parent Group events are listed on the AVS Main Calendar.  Sync it with your personal Google calendar with the "+ Google Calendar" link in the lower right corner. You can also import calendar data to your iCal calendar.

Parent Email Lists and Social Media

Parents can use discussion lists and the AVS private Facebook groups to keep in touch. 

Discussion Lists

There are opt-in discussion Google groups for members of the AVS community to ask questions and share unofficial announcements. Use these to let the community know about events, housing opportunities, deals, or to ask AVS- or parenting-related questions. You must be logged in to Google with your AVS account to join these groups.

  • AVS Discussion is an opt-in Google group and email list for all members of the AVS Community.

  • LS Discussion and MS Discussion are opt-in Google groups for Lower School and Middle School parents respectively. 

  • STEM Parents is an opt-in Google group for MS and LS parents interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.

  • LS Sports is an opt-in Google group for parents involved in Lower School Sports at AVS.

  • Parent Campers is a Google group for families interested in AVS camping trips. All families who register for a trip will be asked to join the so that they receive email updates. 

Facebook Groups

  • The AVS Community Facebook group is a private group for all members of the AVS community. Members are encouraged to share photos, events, and anything that might be of interest to the AVS community.

  • Each grade at AVS also has a private Facebook group where parents can share photos, plan gatherings, etc. Contact your room parent or Parent Group Vice Chair for a link to join your grade's group.

LinkedIn Group

The Alta Vista School LinkedIn group is a quick way for AVS parents and staff to find each other on LinkedIn. 

If you have questions or if you would like to help with coordinating Parent Group communications, let us know.