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The Aviator

June 12, 2016

There’s an outdoor tinker zone at AVS! Inspired by the Berkeley Adventure Playground, the new tinker area is in the AVS parking lot by the garden. Piles of wood and old parts sit beside several large, wooden tables made by…the kids and teachers, of course. The idea is that students from JK- on up to middle school can use their free time to come to the Tinker Zone and unleash their creativity. Having the zone in the parking lot allows the whole school to walk over and play, in addition to going inside to the tinker room on the third floor.

A locked cupboard contains items like: saws, nails, hammers, screws, tools, gloves and eye protection. The kids try things, like nailing bits of wood together. They fail. Oops, the nail bent. Why was that? Try again. Oops, the wood split. Try a different part of the grain. The nail wasn’t long enough to go through both pieces of wood? Try nailing from the other side. Under teacher supervision, the kids hammer, saw and assemble whatever their minds imag...

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