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The Aviator

October 30, 2015

Alex White joined the Alta Vista Middle School faculty this year. He hails from Bethesda MD, but also lived in Paris, France as a young child. He most recently taught at the Edmund Burke School in Washington, D.C. and he speaks 6 languages, including Elvish. We caught up with Alex recently to pose a few questions:

What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned from a student?

The class I taught on Quenya (Elvish) happened because three passionate students came to me and asked me to teach them. I ended up writing my own textbook and there are YouTube videos of my students performing skits in Elvish That class was an independent study where 13 students gave up lunch periods to learn a new language!

If you weren’t a teacher, what profession would you pursue?

I’d probably still work in IT, but at a non-profit whose mission I care about. I like working in school technology partially because I love working with kids, but partially because I like working in a community where people are passiona...

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