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The Aviator

March 18, 2017

Drama permeates every part of our lives, from making new friends, to giving a work presentation, and yes, especially to parenting! Acting skills are all essential life skills – teaching things like group work, practicing, improving and performing. Sometimes this is all disguised as silly games with weird noises and nonsensical movements, but assuming a role outside oneself develops empathy – and it is fun!

By asking students at a young age to continuously practice (and yes, it takes lots of practice) looking someone in the eyes and speaking in a clear, understandable voice (performance voice) we teach them that:

  • They have a voice, and they are encouraged to use it.

  • Having that voice is a powerful tool and a privilege. It needs to be treated with respect.

  • Their ideas are valuable, and the best way to share those ideas is through clear communication.

Students will need the skill of speaking clearly in public for the rest of their lives. This is often not addressed...

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