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The Aviator

March 10, 2018

AVS parents gathered this March to explore techniques for transforming the most challenging parenting moments into opportunities to teach and practice our core values. Bill Jackson, founder of GreatSchools and former middle school science student of our very own Ed Walters, led the interactive workshop on what he calls "values-based parenting."

The small but enthusiastic group discussed the values they hope to instill in their children, such as empathy, justice, curiosity, and kindness. They then shared some of the most emotionally challenging situations they routinely face as parents. Bill guided a collaboration in which parents worked together to craft reactions to those challenges that can help children understand and absorb the values families care about most. For example, times when kids are constantly complaining about "unfairness" can become opportunities to show empathy, to explore the concepts of equity and justice, or to do some collaborative problem-solving. In this approach,...

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